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March 16 2016


Approaches to Treat Your Black Toenail Fungus

Black toenail fungus treatment
Many people are suffering from black toenail fungus problem looking for treatments to eliminate it. Here' found few sure methods to treatment. Many had tried in the medical therapy and eventually give up since procedures are not quite effective way to control and treat the toe-nail fungus problem. Few who undergone treatment reported about kidney and liver damage. So to prevent pretty much everything complications please stick to the following simple ways to treat this challenge.

how to get rid of black toe fungus
Ways to treat your Black Nail fungus

 Prepare a house made solution using listerine mouthwash and domestic hot water, soak feet with this particular solutions for several hours.
 Preparing a variety of natural oils such as olive,jojoba and eucalyptus oil in equal proportion and putting it on over the toe area will cure fungus infection
 To reduce pain on the fungal affected toe area, applying vinegar or vicks vaproub will offer immediate pain alleviation.
 Avoid delaying to treatment methods are one of the best solution for treating nail fungus
 Wearing improper sized shoes or slipper will increase the black toenail and thus it's very vital to avoid tight shoes and sandals.
 Keep your toenails as fresh since you can.
 Wash you feet with hot water and pinch of salt & lime to manage the fungal growth twice daily.

Following a above said techniques to treat the fungus problem all on your own naturally without working regarding the complication noticed in case of treatment. Also it is easier to treat black nail fungus without having side effects as most individuals are inclined to medical allergy.

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